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CSGO gambling, CS: GO jackpot, winnings etc.

On most CSGO gambling websites, players with CS: GO skins as well as real money can earn a lot of money through more or less simple gambling.

How are you?

There are very simple methods such as simply setting the skins - and the higher the stake, the higher the percentage chance of winning. This works according to the simple jackpot system, as a short explanation: All skins that have been placed are thrown into a pot and a winner is drawn. Unfortunately, this not only has nice sides but also some shadow sides - if you are lucky, you can lose a lot of money or skins. Unfortunately, it is not possible to look exactly behind the algorithms of the websites, so it is questionable how high the win rate is actually - the usual win rates in real games of chance are around 80% per year. Be that as it may - the skins that have been set will then be kept by the trading bot, and if there is a profit, a skins will be paid out in the value of the profit / account. With a lot of bad luck you get 50 skins worth $ 1 with a win of $ 50 - that's always a coincidence and depends heavily on the bot’s inventory.

What else is there?

Another very well known and popular method is to place skins on Pro League games (match betting). Here is a percentage chance of winning of the teams playing against each other, depending on the determined chance of winning is also the amount of the win - Logical. Very often there are surprises here too and result in high losses or profits. But keep in mind - even with this method you can lose a lot of money and skins. Here, too, the laws of skins are kept by a trading bot and then paid out if there is a profit.

There is no safe gamble method, so keep in mind that you can quickly lose your value bet.

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